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by Anonymous gave The Orchard Practice a rating of 4 stars

Extremely helpful staff

I visited Kingston hospital on the 9/5/2018 to find my appointment had been cancelled. I was advised this was because the Orchard Practice was responsible for cancelling my appointment. I immediately visited the surgery and they went out of there way to find out what the real situation was. It was patently obvious the hospital had managed to delete me from its system. Despite this the hospital denied any wrongdoing. Orchard practice have supported me and today after a yet another phone call to the surgery to reinforce that they were not responsible but were more than happy to liaise with the hospital I received an apology from Kingston admitting it was their fault.
I am very grateful to the secretarial staff at the Orchard Practice for kindness, support and patience. They went above and beyond.

Visited in March 2018, Posted on 10 May 2018

by Anonymous gave The Orchard Practice a rating of 5 stars

Helpful and proactive staff

In respect of phoning the surgery, it is sometimes engaged first thing in the morning but this is understandable as appointments are being offered and booked at that time.

I called at 9.20am today regarding my son. There was not an appointment available (which I was not surprised about as the lines open at 8am I believe) but the helpful and proactive staff member I spoke with, arranged for a telephone callback with the on call GP as it was something I needed to speak with a doctor about today. The GP called me back around an hour later and again, was very helpful, gave good advice and i now know what next steps I should take.

On the rare occasion I have called up and not been able to get an appointment, the staff member I have spoken with has been helpful and advised me when to call back or what steps to take.

The GPs, nurses and staff members have always been very helpful, friendly and professional whenever I have had dealings with them.

Visited in April 2018, Posted on 04 April 2018

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